Civil law and Commercial law

Investments in real estate and project financing, (legal advise in construction matters and contracts, tenders, purchase, administrative authorisations, leasing)

Assistance in negotiations

Contracts (purchase, leasing, franchising, distribution, agency, import/export, rent)

National and International, public or private tenders for works, supply or services

Civil litigation and urgent procedures

Mediation, Conciliation and Referees

Consumer law

Defective product liability

Contracts on line

Debt recovery

Civil law - Company law

Company, Consortium, Temporary Partnerships, Joint Ventures constitution

Patti parasociali

Hidden contracts

Rules and regulations for Partnerships and Consortium



European law


Unfair competition and abuse of dominant position

European commercial law (distribution and agency)

Exequatur of European countries judgements

Execution and European executive titles

International law

International tenders

Work Contracts based upon FIDIC models

Commercial contract based upon UNIDROIT principles

Commercial contract based upon International Conventions