The firm

The Bembo law firm has acquired considerable professional experience and an extensive international network of contacts. Through this network, Studio Bembo is able to provide a global service, both geographically and in terms of expertise offered.

Studio Bembo advices on a wide range of juridical matters and offers assistance in litigation cases and mediation.

Studio Bembo operates in Italian English, French, Spanish and Chinese languages.


Studio Legale Bembo was founded in 1988 by Dr. Pietro Bembo, as an Italian young law firm able to compete in the international market, with a strong focus on company commercial law and works and construction law, offering its services to local and foreign businesses and entrepreneurs.

In the nineties, the Firm was instrumental in the foundation of a national network of lawyers, which in turn founded the international association of law firms, Eurojuris.

Thanks to Eurojuris the experience in international work increased and a special knowledge has been acquired dealing in legal issues in Belgium, China, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Czechs Republic and United States.

The firm’s specialisations developed in the field of public tenders for works and services, through its assistance to clients involved in important national building projects.

Studio Bembo has grown to become an interdisciplinary and multinational law firm through its close cooperation with firms in the Eurojuris network.

The Firm is located in the centre of Milan, in front of the law courts.